Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On My Author Plate This Week

I spend most of my early mornings on Sundays doing paperwork to help clear my desk for the week ahead. Sunday evening I usually look at what's on my author's plate for the upcoming week and create a list. It's the only way I get some sleep. I thought I'd share this week's list.I wondered if people might be surprised as to what authors do besides write books!

My week will start with trip to the public library to pick up research books for my next military book due in two weeks. I'll reserve any books that might need to be transferred from another library and purchase any used books I can find online. Since I have a pretty busy week, I'll spend most of my time researching and organizing my information. I'll probably start doing the actual writing over the weekend.

SHRED! I don't throw much out in the way of bad ideas but I recently cleaned out a file that was stored in my attic. Much of it was 13 years old and filled with some VERY BAD ideas. Those will get shredded to make room for some better ideas! While I was shredding these I was apologizing in my head to all of the poor editors or their assistants who had read these. Sorry!

Write two proposals for author events.
Submit one picture book manuscript (And remember not to go to the post office at 5p.m. when they close at 4:30 or on Friday during the one hour they are closed for lunch.)
Add more content to new web site I'm creating.
Rate and review one picture book to post to Amazon and Goodreads.

Then if time allows, there's these receipts for my author expenses that have been piling up since January. There has only been one year that I was successful in putting them into a spreadsheet at the end of each month. I figure if I can get this batch taken care of over the summer I'll be ahead of the game before the new school year starts. My accountant is impressed that I even have an spreadsheet to send him.

Reading for enjoyment will most likely take place on exercise equipment or during lunch this week.

And of course, like every working dog, there will be a reward for all tasks completed in a timely matter!