Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Blue-Eyed Mummy

Susanna Hill is hosting her 4th Annual Halloweensie Contest in which you must write a Halloween story of no more than 100 words and you must include the words creak, broomstick, and pumpkin. Sounds like a creepy enough contest for me!

Since I just recently spoke to parents at a literacy event about encouraging their children to enter writing contests, I figured I should take my own advice.

So here's my entry:

by Linda Bozzo

The boy pulled back the tattered curtain and peered out the cracked glass pane.  A cast of characters crept up the dark winding driveway. The group hesitated along the sidewalk illuminated by a narrow stream of light coming from the witch’s broomstick. A goblin tripped up the uneven steps leading to the front door. Dangling ghosts and the smell of rotted pumpkin greeted the strangers. Before they could knock, the paint-peeled door moaned and creaked open as if inviting the ghoulish guests inside. The blue-eyed mummy was the first to scream . . .
“Trick or treat!”
Be sure to check out the other entries on Susanna's blog and enter if you dare!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!