May 25, 1989
The Committee on Post Office and Civil Service discharged; considered
and passed
To designate May 25, 1989, as `National Tap Dance Day'.
Whereas the multifaceted art form of tap dancing is a manifestation of
the cultural heritage of our Nation, reflecting the fusion of African and
European cultures into an exemplification of the American spirit, that
should be, through documentation, and archival and performance support,
transmitted to succeeding generations;
Whereas tap dancing has had a historic and continuing influence on other
genres of American art, including music, vaudeville, Broadway musical theater,
and film, as well as other dance forms;
Whereas tap dancing is perceived by the world as a uniquely American art form;
Whereas tap dancing is a joyful and powerful aesthetic force providing a
source of enjoyment and an outlet for creativity and self-expression for
Americans on both the professional and amateur level;
Whereas it is in the best interest of the people of our Nation to preserve,
promote, and celebrate this uniquely American art form;
Whereas Bill `Bojangles' Robinson made an outstanding contribution to the
art of tap dancing on both stage and film through the unification of diverse
stylistic and racial elements; and
Whereas May 25, as the anniversary of the birth of Bill `Bojangles' Robinson,
is an appropriate day on which to refocus the attention of the Nation on
American tap dancing: Now, therefore, be it
  Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of
  America in Congress assembled, That May 25, 1989, is designated `National
  Tap Dance Day'. The President is authorized and requested to issue a
  proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such
  a day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.