Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five

1. More snow dumped on central New Jersey. Need I say more? Oh yeah, there's broom buried in the snow somewhere next to the driveway. I stuck it in the snow and then I think it got buried by the snowblower. I made a meager attempt to find it but then decided it was easier to just buy a new one or not do any sweeping until spring.

2. Worked on several writing proposals this week to send out to more educational publishers. I forget how time consuming these proposals can be but I wanted to get them done before my writing class starts next week.

3. Researching packagers to submit to. I've never submitted to packagers before so this is a first for me.

4. I have designated one morning each weekend to taking the Princess Next Door to Panera to sprinkle some fairy dust and wave my magic wand over her. She's in the middle of being ripped apart so I'm hoping to put her back together this weekend.

5.  I'm REALLY enjoying our current book club book, The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. I'm so glad the weekend is here so I can read more!

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