Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I'm Reading This Summer

After completing a couple of projects and getting a few submissions into the mail, I decided to take a break from writing and focus on reading. This is difficult for me to do without feeling guilty about not writing. But the books I've chosen to read are probably some of the best choices I've made so it's helped me get over feeling too guilty. Here's a peek into what I've had on my nightstand, coffee table, kitchen table, car, pool...

Right now I'm in the middle of Moon Over Manifest which I happened to spot on the library shelf and couldn't understand why it wasn't checked out. So, although I had a handful of other books in my arms I added this one to my pile and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Our book club's choice this month is The Weight of Silence which I just couldn't put down and read it in just a few days leaving lots of time to read other books before our next meeting:)

Then I picked up this book, The Glass Castle which we were going to make a book club choice but didn't. Again, another book I couldn't put down. Reading this book made me count my childhood blessings over and over with each new chapter. My one-word description for this book...unbelievable!

And finally, I had this book on reserve, Heaven is for Real so I had to pick it up from the library. I started reading the book jacket, then the prologue, and then the first chapter. I found it so compelling I never put it down until I finished it that same night.

I have four days until our next book club meeting and the challenge is going to be how many more books can I read in the next four days...without feeling guilty!

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