Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discipline. It can be problem.

So, I started off the new year with no specific goals. Write more, read more doesn't count. Those are just assumed. I thought I should start blogging more which wouldn't be hard to do since I hadn't blogged much at all over the last year.
 I did feel like I was ready to commit to a regular writing schedule. Since my life seemed to becoming more "regular"  I thought I would create a schedule at the beginning of each week based on what was going on (sale) that particular week. I would write it down on my calendar (after reviewing all the sales flyers.)
I was feeling like I finally had the opportunity to be more disciplined about my writing (and shopping.) So, there it was...more discipline in 2013. The next night (before I left for the mall) I chose a fortune cookie from the Chinese food bag, cracked it open and this is what it said:

Do you ever feel like someone is trying to send you a message? This one was shouting at me loud and clear. This is how I saw the message from the writing Gods:

discipline + talent = ability
This is how I saw the message from the shopping Gods:
discipline + sales = shoes
I headed to the mall to use some birthday coupons from my favorite retailers. I used discipline by not allowing myself to buy the boots at full price. I waited for the sale and got 40% off plus an additional 40% clearance and used my $15 birthday coupon. I bought $98 rain boots for a mere $20.28!  Using discipline, I went home, put my new rain boots on, sat down at my desk and wrote a blog post and my writing schedule for the week. Isn't shopping discipline great?


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