Friday, April 10, 2015

I = Income

A to Z Blog Challenge: Day Nine


Let's talk about income. The definition here indicates that income is "received regularly" so according to this dictionary I'm not earning an income on my writing. My author income is anything but regular! It's been almost one year since I committed to making writing my full-time job and my largest source of income. I do work 10 hours a week in an office so I do have a small regular income. But if I look at where most of my income has come from in the past 10 months, I can say it's been from my writing career. What I did discover that for this to happen I had to find various sources of income. Some of those sources include: tutoring students in writing, school visits, professional development workshops, freelance work, critique services, writing projects for adults as well as for children. I've written new genres over the past year which has enabled me to submit to new publishers which I hope will help increase my sources of income. I'm happy to say I've been fortunate with the choice I made –earning an income doing something I love!


Linda Bozzo has published more than 50 nonfiction books for the school and library market. For more information about Linda and her books, you can visit her website.

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