Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q = Quandary

A to Z Blog Challenge: Day Seventeen


Often, as writers, we find ourselves in a quandary about a particular story. We become confused about our characters. Do they have enough personality? We don't know what to do to create a better story arc. We're confused about our ending.
I thought I would share some of the things I do when I find myself in a writing quandary.

I often go for a walk. Alone. No music. No distractions. I don't try to problem solve. I just allow my mind wander and many times by the end of my walk I have several options that might help me move forward in my story.

Other times, I do something else creative like scrapbooking or coloring. I find if I take a break from my story and my problem but still do something creative then when I return I am able to think with a fresh mind.

Many of my quandaries are resolved in the shower. Not sure why, but I take a shower whether I need one or not. If I'm in the middle of a writing project than most likely I need one anyway.

Most of my quandaries are solved in that place right before I fall asleep. That's why I always keep a notepad and pen next to my bed. Too often I've allowed myself to fall asleep thinking I will remember my solution in the morning only to find myself in the middle of a whole new quandary when I wake up.

I find that changing the scenery helps too. I have all my resources at my fingertips at my desk but I also have distractions. I might go to a local eatery, coffee shop, or just go sit out on the deck with my laptop.

In the end when I finally persevere (yesterday's word) my biggest quandary becomes whether to reward myself with a glass of red wine or white wine. Decisions, decisions!

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