Friday, April 24, 2015

T = Tap

A to Z Blog Challenge: Day Twenty


I chose the word "tap" for the letter "T" because of course the blog is about reading, writing, AND dancing. Besides writing, tap dancing is another passion of mine. I share this with students at school visits because I think it's important to know how things you're passionate about can shape your writing. I've been tap dancing for almost my entire life as a student and a teacher, so how could it not influence my writing?

The rhythm from my taps has worked its way into creating rhythm for my stories. I discovered early on, from editors, that my writing had rhythm before I even knew what rhythm in writing was. I knew it was a good thing but it took me a little while to figure out how it existed without me intentionally trying to add it. I knew it came naturally for me but I didn't know why. I eventually realized that the tap rhythms I am able to create with my feet also flow easily through my fingertips. I hear things that maybe other people don't. The need for an extra beat. A pause. An accent. Call it what you will but to me it's tap dancing through my fingertips.

Me with my two daughters who also enjoyed tapping!

Besides tap dancing allowing me to create rhythms, it is also the theme of many of my fiction stories. Sometimes my story begins with a dance theme, other times it works its way into the story. It can be in a small detail, like a name (Mrs. Tapp) or an entire character or plot. I especially like to feature tap dancing because I feel like it is a dance form that is often overshadowed by a more popular theme of ballet but sometimes it's because I have this fear of tap dancing becoming a lost art.

That's me on right tapping next to Gregory Hines!
I even tap danced on the Rosie O'Donnell Show!
I encourage writers of all ages to take what they're passionate about and use it in their writing in some way, shape or form. Your passion will shine through and help make your writing a unique experience for both you and your readers. 
Tapping at a fundraising event.
Tap's it for now, folks!

Linda Bozzo has published more than 50 nonfiction books for the school and library market. For more information about Linda and her books, you can visit her website.

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