Sunday, April 19, 2015

O = Openings

A to Z Blog Challenge: Day Fifteen



When I ask students what their biggest challenge is when writing they all say the same thing. It's how to begin. The want to know how to write a great opening. I think authors will agree with them.
Here are some examples of opening lines I use in my author presentations that have worked well in my nonfiction books.

Summarizes a big idea
A job in the Army could take you anywhere in the world.
Ask a question
Have you ever heard of a bird eating with a spoon?

An interesting fact
An earthworm does not breathe through a mouth or a nose.

A statement that keeps readers thinking
Service dogs help disabled people lead more independent lives.

The purpose of opening lines is to get readers thinking, wondering, and wanting to learn more about a particular topic. We want them to read on . . . turn the page. How do we make that happen? With great openings!


Linda Bozzo has published more than 50 nonfiction books for the school and library market. For more information about Linda and her books, you can visit her website. 

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